See a Professional or Talk to a Friend?

According to statistic data with each year the number of people suffering from all sorts of emotional problems and conditions keeps growing rapidly. The wast majority of men and women in the seemingly highly developed western countries have used the services of a psychotherapist at least once in their life-time. And about 30% use therapy on a regular basis, many of those taking medication against depressions, phobias, anxiety and other psychological disorders as part of it.

However, how many of these conditions are really a disease and need medical treatment? And how many are just a temporary upset state of mood resulting from stress at work or family problems and could be overcome without radical methods like hypnosis or medication that can often lead to an addiction and require repetitive use? Very often professional psychotherapists either confuse temporary small problems for a real disease or purposefully put their client on addictive drugs to get him keep visiting their office and paying for each visit.

Note, that if a person got addicted to antidepressants, that will hardly resolve their initial depression problem. The dosage of the drug will have to be increased gradually, and once the person stops it their depression / anxiety / or whatever other problem they initially had will get even worse than it was to start with. Often people move from light antidepressants to stronger ones as the time goes as light ones are no longer working. I personally met people that were addicted to antidepressants, kept increasing dosages and ended up totally dysfunctional without a “pill per day” (and sometimes a handful of them!)

However, in the less economically developed countries of East Europe, Asia, Latin America and even Africa visiting a therapist is hardly ever heard of. Hardly 10% of people visited one at all. And it’s only people proved to be mentally insane that would be on permanent medication. Why so? The thing is that in these countries social and family links tend to be much stronger and if one faces a bad problem or feels down they can just relieve their soul by talking to a close friend or family member. It’s the same or better than going to a licensed therapist, they get someone to listen to them, understand them and uplift their spirits, but no addictive medications involved!

At the same time in the western world where social and family links are growing weaker due to fast pace of living and more individual-oriented culture people often don’t have that luxury and have to refuge to the services of a professional which often result the person developing a drug dependency and their condition getting worse. Since, note, unfortunately those licensed guys sitting in fancy offices don’t really care to help you get rid of your problem, they are just doing their job trying to maximize their profits.

Thinking of all this we decided to create a one-on-one chat room where one can chat with our online chat stuff who aren’t professional psychotherapists and hence, will never prescribe you any drugs. However, most of them have experience of working for social care jobs or had some courses in psychology and are knowledgeable as to many things dealing with people’s emotional conditions and counseling techniques. However, they won’t be like your doctor trying to treat you, they’ll rather be like a good friend taking a sincere interest in your problems and willing to give you some hints as to how to resolve them avoiding going to a professional’s office or undertaking any radical means.

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