Medical Transcription in India – a Brief History

Medical transcription in India has become one of the most sought after fields when it comes to the profession of medicine. There are many reasons for this. Before going there, let us first see what exactly is a medical transcription.

Demonstrating with an example, let’s say you go to a doctor with high fever. The clinic will take down your details; check your medical history and the doctor will do your check up. Once he’s done with the check up, he will dictate your prescription into an audio device. The audio device is known as dictation software, which stores the dictation of the doctor in the form of voice files. The voice files are then converted into the text format. This very process is known as medical transcription.

We earlier used to have typists who used to listen to the dictation of the doctor and then transcript them. However that has changed greatly thanks to the invention of online medical transcription software’s. Online medical transcription softwares just need the input of audio files, which contain the medical dictation of the doctor. Once you feed the software those audio files, it automatically converts them into the text format. All of this can be done online and immediately sent over the Internet to the concerned physician or the patient as well. When it was human typists doing this there was always a fear of errors creeping in. It used to so happen that human transcriptionists often never had the basic knowledge of the medical field and hence used to make a lot of errors in transcribing. This does not mean though that these online medical transcription software’s are fool proof – they have their limitations too. For example if the doctor has not dictated with clarity, the software will interpret it wrong. Besides, there are cases where the audio file format does not match the online medical prescription software. In this case it will not be able to transcribe it at all.

Keeping all this in mind medical transcription in India has taken care to see to it that they adopt the best of technological facilities available. One must keep in mind that India not only has transcription companies or transcriptionists, it also outsources them to other countries. So to make sure that it takes advantages of the flaws of the online medical transcription software’s, medical transcription in India has been on its toes to make sure they offer the best possible services with minimal cost and minimal errors. One must take care to see that the transcriptions are at least 99% accurate, because if they are wrong, it can even lead to the loss of a patient’s life.

Medical transcription India is definitely growing. It is providing opportunities to many people who are unemployed because of lack of employment in other sectors. All you need to have in this is sound grammar skills and basic knowledge of the medical field so that you transcribe right. We all know the importance of Medical transcription now. Using this field to the maximum is the best we can do to satisfy our job interests as well as that of the doctors and the health care sectors. After all, it is a noble profession that we are serving.